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Mesh is a very popular networking method now. It enables cost-effective, scalable deployment of secure indoor/outdoor wireless LANs, to enhance public safety, efficiency, productivity, and responsiveness.

Now DCN Mesh Network Solution has been released. DCN Mesh Networking Solution, making you more simple and easy to install and configure, is a cost-effective way to expand network coverage for enterprise environments or large houses without any wires.

Using DCN mesh, you can bridge multiple Ethernet LANs and extend your wireless coverage. When traffic traverses across mesh APs, the mesh network automatically reconfigures around broken or blocked paths. This self-healing feature provides increased reliability and redundancy: the network continues to operate if an AP stops functioning or a connection fails.

Main Functions

Slave AP management

The CAP supports RE online, offline, restart, deletion, configuration distribution, blacklist configuration, RE upgrade, etc.

Automatic power channel adjustment

Mesh networking supports CAP and RE as a whole to automatically adjust and optimize wireless power and channels

AirMatch Function

Support terminal AirMatch function, intelligently guide terminal access, and perform intelligent allocation after terminal access

Mesh and AP emergency mechanism

After wired Mesh networking and CAP failure, RE quickly switches the working mode and continues data forwarding, so that wireless users will never be disconnected.

Terminal management

Support terminal fingerprint identification, terminal information statistics, terminal blacklist configuration and other functions


REs and terminals can be added to the blacklist. The RE in the blacklist will be forced to go offline. The terminal in blacklist will be synchronized to other REs.

Why choose DCN Mesh?

AC free, low cost

There is no need to deploy an AC, and the cost is low. Part of the management and computing functions of the AC are moved to the master AP.

Simple, No wiring*

In a wireless AD hoc network, no network cable is required

Easy and fast configuration and maintenance

(Currently, only wired Mesh networking is supported. Wireless Mesh will be supported by the end of 2022.Q1.)


Smart, automatic configuration

No need to configure the APs one by one. APs are automatically discovered and networked

Cloud management, easier

Cloud management, no need of secondary AC, enable Mesh, could reduce the pressure on cloud management server, the cloud computing is completed by AP to realize edge computing.

Where to use DCN Mesh?

For scenarios such as SMB, country inns, and supermarkets, a single AP cannot meet the WLAN coverage requirements, and the cost of the AP+AC solution is relatively high. The multi-AP distributed Mesh solution has the advantages of low cost and simple configuration, and can be your first choice.

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Country inns

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