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DCN Intelligent Hotel Network Solution


Background of Hotel Network Industry

The smart terminals are becoming necessary tools for our daily life. When you are on a trip, you might need them to do the office job remotely, to take part in a remote meeting, to book a train or plane ticket, to receive and sent e-mail, and so on.

Therefore, it is important for a hotel to provide excellent Internet accessing network to its customers. For the convenience of customer, the network should be available anywhere and anytime.

The WLAN is the best choice to satisfy this requirement, it can enable the customer to access the network anytime and anywhere with high bandwidth, it can cover places like guest room, restaurant, conference halls and the outdoor area etc.


Industry Requirements and Pain Points

Signal coverage requirements

The WiFi signal should cover all areas of the hotel, especially the places such as guest rooms, bobby, restaurants, banquet halls, conference halls, etc.


High-density access requirements

 In dense areas such as conference rooms and banquet halls, multiple wireless APs often need to be deployed to ensure good WiFi coveragewhich may cause radio signal   overlapping. One client can choose multiple APs to connect to, it will use an algorithm to choose one that can provide best performance. So, it may happen that large number of clients connect to the same AP, which makes the load of this AP is very high, while other APs are idle, resulting in poor use of AP resources and limiting the efficiency of the client. Therefore, when planning and deploying a wireless network, a load balancing mechanism must be established to improve the end-user experience and the efficiency of whole AP resources.


High-speed requirements

With the continuous increase of mobile applications, especially the emergence of some applications such as P2P and online video, the customer's demand for bandwidth has gradually increased. For example, for 1.000 concurrent users, each one is ensured with 2M bits bandwidth, total 2000M bits bandwidth is needed. Moreover, the user's demand for network bandwidth is endless, no matter how large the bandwidth is, if there is no good management mechanism, the user’s experience will be very poor.


Network security requirements

The wireless network provides guests with network access services, it should ensure the secure accessing, protect the guests from virus attacks and avoid their information leakage.


Marketing value

By integrating market information with wireless accessing, it creates a new marketing model, which is different from the traditional content-based display methods such as banner. It is non-interrupted and can use many kinds of forms such as graphics, video, audio, etc.  It can bring convenience to guests and benefit to hotels.


Solution Overview

DCN provide two solutions for hotel network, one is the economical solution for hotels with less than 100 rooms, one is the superior solution for hotels with more than 100 rooms. The economical solution is focused on one-stop solution. competitive cost, easy installation and easy maintenance. The superior solution provides more features such as controller redundancy, many types of authentication, value-added service and high-density accessing.

Economical Solution

Here is the typical topology of economical solution and recommended devices. The ImCloud is deployed in cloud, which can provide wireless access control for many hotels. DCME is a all-in-one gateway, connecting to the core L3 switch like S5750E series. while L2 PoE switch like S4600 series work as access switch, which can power all access points. The L2 switch like S4200 can be used for wired accessing. the wireless signal covers all the guest rooms and public indoor area.




one-stop solution:

All devices, from access points to cloud management, are provided by DCN , so there will no risk of incompatibility.


there’s no need to deploy hardware access controller here, all APs can be controlled and managed by Imcloud directly. the PSK security mode is relatively simple and doesn't need authentication server. All the recommended devices are most cost-effective here.

Easy installation

The ImCloud can find and manage the AP automatically after the AP’s MAC is registered. ImCloud APP can be used to scan and register the MAC of AP, and the operation is so easy that anyone who can use a smartphone can finished the job. The switch and gateway can also be managed by Imcloud.


Easy maintenance

ImCloud keeps monitoring all the devices, if failure happens it can notice to corresponding person according to the alarm level. For example, for small issues, it will inform the hotel receptionist, for big issues, it will inform the engineer. Actually Almost 99% of the problem can be fixed by the hotel receptionist. Imcloud APP can get monitor information and alarm from Imcloud.


Superior Solution

here is the typical topology of superior solution and recommended devices.

Compared with economical solution, there are three differences.

ü  hardware AC is deployed, and it can provide redundancy by working with Imcloud.

ü  Wireless signal covers the outdoor areas, with the using of Outdoor AP.

ü  More high-level models are used, such as WL8200-WH2, WL8200-I3, WL200-IT3/T3, DCME 720/520 and switch S6200 series.




More reliable network by the controller redundancy

Hardware AC and ImCloud work together to provide a redundant wireless control. when the AC is failed or the ImCloud is unreachable, the whole network can keep running normally, all the WiFi access requests will be accepted as usual.


Many types of authentication mode for customer to choose

The Social Media account like google account can be used for authentication, which is real name authentication. The username/password authentication is also supported and can be interfaced with the hotel user account to be verified by hotel systems.  QR code authentication is mainly for a short period access, it is designed for visiting guests or conference participants. MAC authentication is for some special devices such as printer, and some special persons who want to access directly.


Value-added service

When users access from different places, such as hotel lobby, guest room, restaurant or conference hall, ImCloud can push corresponding page basing on the access location. This can help the user to find the service page as quick as possible.


Good experience in high density area

In the density area like the conference hall, where there are large number of users accessing the network, we can still supply quick response and high performance for each user. we use some technology such as 5G priority, load balance between APs, air match to achieve this.


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