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DCN ISP Access Network Solution


Background Overview

Under the fierce market competition, traditional Internet Service Providers (ISPs) service market has become thinner and thinner (for example, broadband, MPLS VPN and SMS).

Meanwhile, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR), big data analytics, and cloud computing: all represent big challenges for ISP and their Information and Communications Technology (ICT) infrastructure.

Besides, the exploration of new business opportunities and access to other verticals (e.g. retail, education, hotel, cloud Wi-Fi, IoT, cloud service and big data) is also extremely urgent to boost the revenue.

Requirement and Challenge

With the trends of all over cloud and efficiency-first request from the public, the ICT architecture for ISPs faces new challenges:

•        Huge data volumes service with high performance and stability, which is the key to gain loyalty from users. Everyday big data demands are surrounding us and hitting us. Triple-play and HDTV/UHDTV service grows rapidly and VR starts to take off. Besides, IPTV/VOD/VOIP and various services requires a strict QoS to guarantee the quality.

•        Better carrier and service provisioning and management. In this efficiency-first society, it’s extremely urgent to build a unified and friendly platform provisioning from end to end. What’s more, the cloud resources should be fully utilized.

•        Business Expansion to other verticals (e.g. smart city, SMB, safe city and educations).  To achieve wholesale to multiple verticals, ISPs expect to pack both device and service, leading the evolution from IAP to MSP.


Solution Introduction

•        End-to-end Wired/Wireless Variation

For the controller, ImCloud integrates NMS, AAA, Portal, Value-added and various services; For the cloud switches, DCN provides flexible types with 8-48 ports combination, from 1G to 100G; For the Wi-Fi, multiple models for indoor/outdoor/in-wall applications are furnished accordingly.

•        Ease of Management

With Zero-touch provisioning for APs and switches, less on-site support is required and delivery to market goes to be faster. “Pay as you grow” managed Wi-Fi, friendly dashboard and faster fault location connectivity analytics realizes the “EASE OF ONGOING MANAGEMENT”.

•        Accelerates IAP evolution to MSP

By up-sell other value-added services, such as AD push, customized page and precision push, customer’s viscosity is increased; By retail analytics, customer could improve client’s engagement by strategy adjustment.


Values and Benefits

DCN’s one-stop network solution carries with ISP’s various services, providing all of the advantages are as follows:

•        Excellent performance and high reliability: ISP network system fault rate is greatly reduced by using DCNs stable platform, and batch fault issues are effectively resolved.

•        CAPEX savings: Equipment cost and room space is greatly reduced compared with 90% of the venders.

•        OPEX savings: quick deployment and management efficiency is improved, and greener energy help reduce power costs. Daily OPEX is 50% less than average.


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