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Yunke China Information Technology Limited (Earlier name as DIGITAL CHINA NETWORKS LIMITED, DCN for short), as subsidiary of Digital China Group (Stock code: SZ000034), is a leading data communications equipments and solution provider. Deriving from Lenovo, DCN was launched into the network market in 1997 with company philosophy of “Client-oriented, Technology-driven and Service-preference”.

DCN Extended Its Business to European ISP Industry


On July 15, 2020, Mikroexpo 2020, a large-scale ISP exposition, was held in Prague, the capital of Czech Republic. In the exposition, router Internet providers, Mikrotik operating system users, and global network communication manufacturers and agents exchanged their products and experience.

DCN Europe showed Ethernet switches, industrial switches, wireless products and a full set of end-to-end network communication solutions, and shared experience in application and operation of its DCN network knowledge and products in European operators, ISPs and enterprises, attracting a wealth of clients. Besides, many clients manifested strong cooperation intentions in our booth. All of these fully demonstrated DCN’s profound strengths and competences.

As a leading data communication device and network solution provider, DCN Europe, since its establishment, has been actively engaged in the local market promotion and expansion in Europe, and the attendance of this specialized industrial exhibition held in Czech consolidated DCN’s industrial solution ability and brand image in the European market. Meanwhile, from the professional perspective, DCN is making its own contributions to boosting the development and network deployment of the European ISP industry.

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