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DIN-Rail L2 Industrial Switch
IS2100D series switch is Yunke China’s new-generation DIN rail industrial switch for the industrial application scenarios with severe operating environment and extremely high demands regarding reliability. IS2100D series adopts industrial-grade, high-reliability components, industrial- grade hardware structure design and software based on DCNOS platform, can provide various flexible solutions for industrial application scenarios....

IS2100D series switch is Yunke China’s new-generation DIN rail industrial switch for the industrial application scenarios with severe operating environment and extremely high demands regarding reliability.  IS2100D series adopts industrial-grade, high-reliability components, industrial- grade hardware structure design and software based on DCNOS platform, can provide various flexible solutions for industrial application scenarios.

High-quality design and robust performance

IS2100D series adopts industrial-grade hardware components and a cooling shell of aluminum alloy to ensure the industrial-grade quality of product.

The series adopts a fan-free thermal design with such multi-cooling structure as built-in cooling fin, thermal grease etc., to ensure an operating temperature range of -40-85°C.

The series is provided with two-circuit direct current power redundancy design and system power failure alarm. It supports resistance to vibration and dust, and follows IP grade protection standards as IP40.

Diverse options of VLAN expansion

The series supports ordinary QinQ, selective QinQ and flexible QinQ technology, which ensures users have the maximum freedom to configure QinQ strategies.

The series supports the exchange function of N: 1 VLAN ID, that is, N: 1 VLAN Translation. N VLAN Tags of access port message can be converted to one designated VLAN Tag, thus providing strong technology guarantee for the convergence of QoS strategies.

The series supports multiple types of VLAN, such as protocol VLAN, MAC VLAN and Voice VLAN, and plays a role in the multi-service integrated network.

Enhanced protection, ensuring safety and controllability

As Ethernet gradually becomes the mainstream access mode in enterprise-level and operator-level networks, clients have increasingly higher demand on the safety, controllability and simplicity of the access layer. IS2100D series is provided with various safety protection mechanisms, offering various anti-DOS attack technologies like SYN Flood, Land and IGMP Flood, and supporting BPDU Guard and Root Guard, prevents accidental topology rings and illegal edge devices from becoming root nodes, thus avoiding unnecessary topological shock.

In terms of anti-attack measures targeted at user level, the series simultaneously supports DHCP snooping and IP Source Guard based on port and VLAN respectively, which can be combined to effectively prevent the illegal address spoofing of MAC, IP and MAC+IP and reduce the risk of DOS attack.

The series supports source MAC address learning restriction function based on port and based on VLAN, and effectively prevents source MAC spoofing from impacting the device MAC table entry, which results in, among others, flooding due to normal users’ failure to learn MAC table. 

The series supports customized ACL, and can perform more flexible rule matching on the first 128 bytes of message’s Ethernet header or IP header according to user demands. 

The series supports standard 802.1X authentication access, expanded 802.1X authentication access, effectively avoids IP conflict and PC cloning, and realizes extended enhancement functions like static IP address issuing.  

Redundant backup, guaranteeing stability and reliability

The series has two gigabit uplink ports, which realizes dual uplink network and enhances the robustness and high reliability of user network structure.

The series is the first to support the industrial standard ERPS ring network solution, supports various networking mode like single ring, tangent ring, intersecting ring and dual homing ring, ensures the convergence speed to be less than 50ms, and realizes carrier-grade reliability. 

The series supports multi-process MSTP. The processes can run different spanning tree protocols. At the meantime, the number of access sub-rings is increased. Additional access rings can be realized by creating a new MSTP, without affecting original service traffic to reduce network impact.

The series supports DCN EMVTE enhanced multi-VLAN sub-network traffic engineering technology, which is DCN’s link backup and load balancing solution based on multi-VLAN sub-network for dual uplink networking environment. Through ULPP (Uplink Protection Protocol) and ULSM (Uplink State Monitor) protocols, fast switch convergence of multiple uplinks is realized to guarantee network performance.

The series has built-in lightning protection settings. The service port has 8KV lightning protection capacity to effectively withstand lightning. This makes the series more adaptable to harsh environment than ordinary switches, and significantly reduces the damage rate of device.

The series provides dual DC power input and system power failure alarm.

PoE+ Supply, smart power supply

PoE model supports enhanced Ethernet power supply function (PoE+), with maximum 30W output power per port, and can directly power auxiliary PD devices (including 802.11n wireless access point, visual IP phone, HD web camera, etc.).

The series provides a perfect PoE solution, which allows users to selectively set PoE power supply port and configure the maximum output power for each port, so as to save energy. The series supports setting for various power supply strategies, such as free setting the power supply priority for ports. Thus when there are a large number of devices to be powered, it can maximally ensure that devices with high priority are powered first. Thus, flexible PoE power supply management is realized.

IS2100D(R2) Specification

Device port
8*10/100/1000M electrical interface+2*SFP port
8*10/100M electrical interface+ 2*SFP port
8*10/100/1000M electrical interface+2*SFP port
Switching capacity
Packet forwarding rate
VLAN characteristics
Support Port-based VLAN
Support IEEE802.1Q VLAN
Support private VLAN
Support Protocol VLAN
Support Voice VLAN
Support MAC VLAN
Support ordinary QinQ 
Support selective QinQ
Support flexible QinQ
Support VLAN Translation
Support N:1 VLAN Translation
Support IPv4/IPv6 DHCP Client and IPv4/IPv6 DHCP Relay
Support Option 82 and Option 37/38
Support IPv4/IPv6 DHCP Snooping and IPv4/IPv6 DHCP Server
Dual DC power input, support system power failure alarm
Support multi-process MSTP*
Support LACP load balance
Support G.8032 standard ring network protocol
Support Loopback detection, VCT, DDM
Support ULDP(to realize the same functions as Cisco UDLD)
Support port speed limit
Support broadcast storm ontrol based on message and number of bytes
Support port/MAC binding and MAC filter
Support MAC number limit based on port and based on VLAN
Support anti-ARP spoofing, anti-ARP scanning and ARP binding
Support DHCP Snooping and ND Snooping
Support DAI
Support standard IEEE 802.1x, extended IEEE 802.1x and Web Portal
Support TACACS+
Support IGMP v1/v2/v3 snooping and IGMP Fast leave
Support MLD v1/v2 snooping
Support multicast VLAN and IPv4/IPv6 DCSCM
Support aggregated PolicyMap
Support PolicyMap binding based on port and based on VLAN
Support single speed, single barrel and double color
Support field rewriting of DSCP, COS/802.1p priority and TOS
Support 8 queues per port
Support queue scheduling algorithms of SP, WRR, SWRR and DWRR
Support matching IP segment message
Management, operation and maintenance
Support CLI
Support IPv4/IPv6 HTTP
Support IPv4/IPv6 FTP/TFTP
Support IPv4/IPv6 SNTP/NTP
Support radius authentication of telnet user name and password of IPv4/IPv6 
Support SSH of IPv4/IPv6
Support Security IP security network management function
Support syslog of IPv4/IPv6
Support SNMPv1/v2c/v3
Support MIB port, support Trap
Support RMON 1,2,3 and 9 groups
Support dual IMG and multiple profile
Support LLDP
Support port mirroring, CPU mirroring and RSPAN 
Support sFlow flow monitoring
Support Reset one-key reset
Support OAM
Support mirror sampling
Energy conservation and environmental protection
Support 802.3az Energy Efficient Ethernet EEE
Fan-free mute design to reduce noise
Relative humidity of operating environment
10%~95%, no condensation
Temperature of operating environment
Temperature of storage environment
Rated power input
50 ~ 57 VDC
Standard and Certification

IS2100D(R1) Specification

IEEE 802.3u for 100BaseT(X) and 100BaseFX
IEEE 802.3ab for 1000BaseT(X)
IEEE 802.3z for 1000BaseX
IEEE 802.3x for Flow Control
IEEE 802.1D-2004 for Spanning Tree Protocol
IEEE 802.1w for Rapid STP
IEEE 802.1s for Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol
IEEE 802.1Q for VLAN Tagging
IEEE 802.1p for Class of Service
IEEE 802.1X for Authentication
IEEE 802.3ad for Port Trunk with LACP
Forwarding Rate
Switching Capacity

IS2100D-4GF10GT: 28Gbps
IS2100D-4GF10GT-P: 28Gbps

IGMP groups
IS2100D-2GF8TX: 4K
Other: 1K
MAC Table Size
VLAN number available
Priority Queues
Buffer size
IS2100D-2GF8TX: 32M
Other: 4M
ACL rules
IS2100D-2GF8TX: 512
Other: 256
Jumbo Frame
IS2100D-2GF8TX: 2048 bytes
Other: 9K bytes
Fixed Ports
10 * 10/100/1000Base-TX
4 * 100/1000BaseX SFP
10 * 10/100/1000Base-TX
4 * 100/1000BaseX SFP
Port Mirroring
Port monitor 1:1, n:1
Port Trunk
Support IEEE802.3ad, LACP
Management Port
LED Light
POWER, Management Status, Link/Active and Transceiver
Bandwidth Control
Steps 64kbps
Storm Control
Support Broadcast / Multicast / Unicast Storm Control
Port Protection
Support MAC binding , MAC address filter, MAC limit
Port Loop Detection
Port Isolation
Main feature
Forwarding Mode
Storage and Forwarding
Port-based VLAN
Support IEEE 802.1Q, up to 4094 VLANs
MAC-based VLAN
Protocol-based VLAN
Private VLAN
Normal QinQ, selective QinQ
IPv4/IPv6 DHCP Client,IPv4/IPv6 DHCP Relay
Option 82,Option 37/38
IPv4/IPv6 DHCP Snooping, IPv4/IPv6 DHCP Server
Spanning Tree
802.1D STP, 802.1W RSTP, 802.1S MSTP
Root Guard, BPDU Guard, BPDU Forwarding
LACP support
Load balance
L2 Ring Protection
Ring protection protocol (ERPS)
Loopback Detection
Port Security,MAC Limit based on Port
ARP Binding
ARP Inspection
IEEE 802.1x, MAB (MAC based authentication)
Authentication, Authorization, Accounting
IGMP v1/v2 snooping
IGMP packet filtering
Multicast control
8 Queues
Bandwidth Control
Classification based on COS,DPL,PCP,DEL,IPV4
Policing Based on Port
Remark COS/802.1p, DPL, DSCP
SP, WRR for scheduling
Maintenance and Operation
CLI, Telnet, Console, SSH
Public & Private MIB interface
RMON 1,2,3,9
Ping, Trace Route
Radius Authentication
Syslog (IPv4)
Dual IMG, Multiple Configuration Files
Port Mirror
Green Energy
Fanless design
Hardware Specs
Dimension(W x D x H)
IS2100D-4GF10GT: 45mm×145mm×165mm (W×D×H)
IS2100D-4GF10GT-P: 45mm×145mm×165mm(W*D*H)
Fanless, IP40 protection
Electrical Performance
Input Voltage
IS2100D-4GF10GT: 48VDC (46 ~57VDC)
IS2100D-4GF10GT-P: 48VDC (46 ~57VDC)
Power Consumption
IS2100D-2GF8TX: <10Watts
Other: <20Watts
Working Environment
Working Temperature
-40 to 75 ℃
Storage Temperature
-45 to 75 ℃
Relative Humidity
10% ~ 95%, Non-condensing
Network Redundancy
Support Ring Protection, <50ms
Support single, dual and tangent ring
Port Redundancy
Support Port Trunk
Ring protection protocol(ERPS)
Standard and Certification
FCC Part 15 (Class A), EN55022 (CISPR22 Class A), EN55024 (Class A), CE, EN50121-3-2, EN50121-4
EN61000-4-2, EN61000-4-3, EN61000-4-4 EN61000-4-5, EN61000-4-6, EN61000-4-8, EN61000-4-12
EN60950, UL508/cUL508, UL1604/cUL1604

IS2100D(R2) Ordering Information


IS2100D-2GF8GT DIN rail industrial Ethernet switch, (8*gigabit electrical interface+2*gigabit SFP port)
IS2100D-2GF8GT-P DIN rail POE industrial Ethernet switch,(8*gigabit electrical interface+2*gigabit SFP port) 
All electrical interfaces support maximum 30W (802.3at standard)power supply, maximum PoE power supply power 180W
IS2100D-2GF8TX DIN rail industrial Ethernet switch,(8*megabit electrical interface+2*gigabit SFP port)
IS2100D-2GF8TX-P DIN rail POE industrial Ethernet switch,(8*megabit electrical interface+2*gigabit SFP port) 
All electrical interfaces support maximum 30W (802.3at standard)power supply, maximum

IS2100D(R1) Ordering Information

Product Name
DIN Rail Industrial L2 Managed Switch, 10* 10/100/1000Base-T + 4* 100/1000M SFP
DIN Rail Industrial L2 Managed POE+ Switch, 10* 10/100/1000Base-T(POE+30W) + 4 * 100/1000M SFP

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