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DCN focuses on data communication field with full product lines, including Switch, Wireless, Router, Security, and Cloud services. With continues invest on RD, DCN is the leading IPv6 solution provider, the first Chinese company won IPv6 Ready Gold certificate and first manufacturer won OpenFlow v1.3 Certificate.

ImCloud 8260 Intelligent Cloud Management Platform
As a channel of application services and data, the data network will become larger and larger with the gradual increase of the network nodes. A wireless network in such scenarios as enterprises, shopping mall and supermarket chains, hotel chains and general education may require thousands of APs. ...

ImCloud (DCN Intelligent Management Cloud) Intelligent Cloud Management Platform

As a channel of application services and data, the data network will become larger and larger with the gradual increase of the network nodes. A wireless network in such scenarios as enterprises, shopping mall and supermarket chains, hotel chains and general education may require thousands of APs. To ensure unobstructed channels in such network, IT professionals are needed, resulting in continuously rising of O&M cost (operational and maintenance cost). DCN ImCloud Cloud Management Platform, based on Cloud technology, presents a new model of network service. With the Cloud technology, DCN ImCloud makes complex network management into a simple, intelligent and visual practice, and enhances users’ network experience. With DCN ImCloud, users can achieve proficient management and usage of networks even without IT knowledge.

Multi-system integration, on-demand scalability 

Integrating AC, Authentication and Network Management

ImCloud (DCN Intelligent Management Cloud) is an all-in-one cloud management platform which integrates authentication, management and wireless control, featuring easy management, convenient maintenance, large capacity and high performance. This platform can implement network wireless equipment management, organization management, user account management and authorization, data collection and real-time control as well as carry out various network strategies, turning the whole education network into a network easy to deploy, maintain and expand.
High data processing capability
Based on the high-efficient dual-core operating system and the overall unit is capable of management of 10,000 APs, 10000 concurrent users and over 500000 registered users, able to satisfy the needs for single-user multi-concurrent terminals under the application environment of large user volume and high concurrency in Metropolitan Area Network.
Linear Scalability of Function
Function module can be scaled in a linear manner in accordance with manager’s demands and may vary with the management plan of managers at different levels. 

Green Man-machine Interaction
Intuitive Interface Operation
With an intuitive web interface design, ImCloud can assist an administrator in user management, organization structure management, equipment management, administrator management, authentication setting and network configuration.
Function Modularization
Function modules are scientifically designed that they have high independence with a weak inter-module coupling, easy for user to understand and operate.
Windows Style Design
The operation interface is a Windows-style one which is easy for operating. With densely packed functions, it is easy to understand and operate, facilitating users with fast installation and convenient use.

User-friendly Management Features
Easy to Deploy, Manage and Maintain
The wireless AP can realize plug-and-play function, and the AP zero configuration as well as the management, control and configuration of AP equipment are conducted by the platform; thus there is no need for network management personnel to independently manage and maintain a large quantity of wireless AP, and all configuration, firmware upgrading and security strategy updating actions can be finished via wireless controller, help administrators realize fast deployment of wireless equipment.
With various figures in the system, the administrator can clearly understand and maintain network state, network configuration of pages, organization structure configuration, use state statistics, fault diagnosis and alarms for better management and maintenance of wireless network.
Centralized Management and Hierarchical Deployment
ImCloud is capable of providing hierarchical management based on organization structure and adopts centralized management and hierarchical deployment for a network of a total-fractional structure.
The headquarters can implement centralized monitoring for network equipment, wireless user and network state of branch units by means of established organization structure, and uniformly carry out configuration of overall wireless network, uniform upgrading of overall equipment, unified authentication of user identity and issuance of authentication page.
The management level can be set up depending on different organization structures and classified by the headquarters administrator.
Decentralized Management
To reduce management stress of the headquarters, all functions are subjected to decentralized management. The headquarters administrator shall designate function management authority of various branch administrators by the headquarters administrator to realize centralized supervision while the branches are able to independently view and edit local network and users.
Flexible Built-in User Authentication
Terminal Intelligent Identification
The intelligent identification terminal supports IOS, Android and Windows intelligent terminal operating system and pushes adaptively WEB authentication pages fittest for the terminal screen, sparing users the repeated dragging and screen adjustment, and providing users with smooth online experience.
Multiple Flexible and Safe Authentication Modes
It supports Portal, TXT, We Chat, QR Code, Pre-shared Key, MAC and other authentication modes.
Built-in Authentication Server, easily realizing WEB Authentication
The built-in Portal Server can save user accounts at most; the WEB authentication requires no additional Portal Server and Radius Server and the local authentication of wireless users is easily accessible, resulting in both simplified network deployment and reduced network construction cost.
Perception-free authentication and Enhanced User Experience

A wireless user perception-free authentication is built in it: After the first successful authentication, no authentication interface will appear when the user logs in next time, thus omitting repeated input of account number and password; meanwhile, the system can automatically and intelligently recognize user identity to guarantee network safety; besides, it is efficient and flexible with the authentication–free duration being subject to different requirements.

Flexible Visitor Authentication Management

The perfect built-in visitor management system has fully taken the industry demand of users into account and customized rich, convenient and safe visitor management mechanisms accordingly.
Authentication of Authorized QR Code
Fast account opening for office visitor; visitors can log in by QR code scanning
Authentication of Meeting QR Code
Fast opening of wireless network for a large number of participants at one time; participants can log in by QR code scanning.
SMS Authentication
To log in via SMS verification code, used for the floating population to open a temporary account
We chat connection to Wifi authentication

Rapid connection to wireless network via WeChat account

One-click authentication

It provides visitors with rapid authentication mode, and can push page inert.

Perfect Wireless Network Features
Intelligent RF Management
ImCloud can adjust the automatic power and channel by optimizing RF coverage with specialized RF inspection and RF management algorithm. When AP signal receives strong signal interference, the system can automatically switch to proper working channel through AP auto switch, to avoid interference and guarantee smooth communication of wireless network; besides, it can also support black-hole compensation of wireless network; when AP stops working accidentally in the network, AC RF management will help compensate for blind spot of signals, securing normal operation of the wireless network
Terminal Time Division-based Fair Smart Control
Due to low negotiated-speed of some 802.11b and 802.11g old terminals and or that of terminal far away from AP in the wireless network, a large number of users suffer big delay, low speed and low overall AP performance. Speed control and traffic shaping alone cannot solve the problem against AP performance where low-speed terminals join up. DCN smart wireless AP has solved such problem with fair smart control based on terminal space-time, so that users can enjoy good wireless network at the same position no matter which kind of terminal is applied.
Balance Mechanism of Smart Workload
Normally, a wireless client chooses AP according to the signal strength, which, with no proper control, inevitably leads to a situation where a certain AP with highest signal strength is overloaded by the large amount of client access. The more clients, the narrower the bandwidth will be for each Client and the worse network the users will have. DCN wireless product can realize flexible smart load balance:
 -Support flow-based AP load balance;
 -Support user number-based AP load balance;
 -Support frequency band-based AP load balance;
 -Support terminal signal strength-based access control;
 -Support user number-based CAC (Call Admission Control) and guarantee terminal access and bandwidth of high-priority application;
 -Support forced roam control upon terminal and guide terminal connecting to AP with stronger signal.
Security Guarantee
Support wireless intrusion detection and intrusion prevention
ImCloud supports not only illegal wireless equipment detection, intrusion detection, blacklist, white list and other wireless intrusion detection as well as wireless intrusion prevention features, but also anti-DoS attack for various wireless management messages, enhancing security management of the whole wireless network.
Support AP secure access mechanism
AP is generally deployed in public areas, requiring strict security mechanism to guarantee the validity of accessed equipment.
Real-name Audit
Provide standard interface, be able to match with mainstream behavior management products within the industry, satisfy real-name audit requirements stipulated by Order 82 and minimize significant WiFi information security risks.

APP Mobile Management

One-click detection
ImCloud transforms virtual and complex wireless networks into concise graphics, so that non-professional personnel can acquire specialized data of wireless networks. This ensures quick identification and disposal of problems and enhances user experience;
Wireless toolkit: Wifi analysis, ping test, flow test
ImCloud can detect wireless network environment, connectivity and wireless flow via the wireless toolkit;
Reporting of AP position
ImCloud allows the user to complete the tedious work of collecting wireless AP positions in simple steps. This ensures install-as-you-go, reduces time cost, effectively guarantees the speed of response to subsequent network maintenance, and indirectly enhances the quality of wireless networks. The implementer needs to scan AP bar code with the APP on his mobile phone, enters the information concerning position, and reports it to the public cloud platform to complete the function of reporting the information concerning the entire AP equipment, organization grouping and installation position;
Wireless dotting detection
Upon wireless installation and debugging, ImCloud evaluates and records the wireless quality. The user can acquire and record the information concerning wireless quality in a convenient and quick way via his mobile phone and graphical interface. During daily use, all users can quickly acquire and record wireless conditions via the scanning and dotting of app;
Fault mobile terminal notification
The manager-authorized administrator can receive the cloud notice on the status of AC, AP, switch and other devices via APP, thus facilitating timely handling with failures; 

ImCloud 8260
Basic Performance
Maximum Manageable AP Number (set)
Basic Manageable AP Number (set)
AP License step size
16, 32, 128
Maximum On-line Concurrent User Number
Built-in Local Authentication Account
VlAN number
SSID number
Wireless Basic
Wireless Protocol Specification
802.11, 802.11a 802.11b802.11g802.11n802.11ac802.11h
Wireless Management Protocol
Support MAN, LAN and Internet group network with AP

AP can discover and access automatically

AP can update software version automatically

AP can download configuration automatically
User Roaming Switch Time
Less than30ms
High Reliability
Support 1+1 quick backup
RF Management
Support country code setting
Support manual/auto setting of transmitted power
Support manual/auto setting of working channel
Support auto adjustment of transmission rate
Support RF environment scanning, AP scanning surrounding RF environment information upon working
Support wireless RF interference monitoring and evading
Support 11n preferred RF strategy
Support 20MHz and 40MHz channel bandwidth configuration
Support air interface time protection under the circumstance of 11abg, 11n and 11ac terminal hybrid access
Fair scheduling of terminal-based air interface time
Frequency spectrum navigation (5G preferred)
User online detection 
Auto-aging with no user traffic
Inhibit client access of weak signal
Mandatory roaming of weak signal in client terminal
Access Authentication
Account Authentication
Support user-and password-based portal authentication
We chat Authentication
Support WeChat connect wifi authentication mode
Authorization QR Code Authentication
After connecting to wireless network, a QR code page will automatically appear on the terminal. The visitor can have access to internet by scanning the QR code with his mobile phone;
Conference QR Code Authentication
Before a conference is held, a QR code will be generated according to the type and number of visitors and the time of visit. Visitors can use internet service by scanning the QR code
One-click Authentication
Users can have access to internet by clicking the authentication page without entering accounts
MAC Authentication
mac address authentication based on different wireless networks
SME Authentication
After entering his mobile phone number, the visitor receives an SMS with a password. Then, he needs to enter the password to implement authentication
Perception-free Authentication
When implementing authentication for the first time, the visitor needs to enter his username and password. When reconnecting the internet within the preset time limit, the visitor does not need to enter his username and password for authentication.
ImCloud 8260

ImCloud intelligent cloud management platform, 5 gigabit ports + 2 PCIE slots (4 extensible 10-gigabit SFP+ ports) + 2 USB ports + 1 console port + 1 network management port; built-in 64G msata, DDR4 16g memory; basic management of 32 authorities;

10-gigabit expansion card
Specialized upgrading license of DCN wired-wireless integrated intelligent controller (including 32-set AP upgrading license)
Specialized upgrading license of DCN wired-wireless integrated intelligent controller (including 128-set AP upgrading license)
SMS package, including 1000-sms authentication license

  • ImCloud 8260 Intelligent Cloud Management Platform

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